We are a mobile crêpe trailer and you can find us "Cheffin'Up" sweet crêpes and savory galettes at many local events.


Ashland Strawberry Faire 6.2.12

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We weren’t sure if we could make the Faire but we got the call Tuesday that we could pick up the trailer, so up we went up to Manassas on Wednesday.  We have been searching for a good used diesel truck which we finally got on Friday thanks to Walter at Wally’s Wholesale in Manakin Sabot.  The Fire Marshall was due over at the food vendor area at 5 PM on Friday to inspect all vendors.  Tony scrambled to get the trailer over to our space on Caroline Street and made it just in time to pass inspection.   We were up sooo late that evening and up very early to make our debut at the Faire on Saturday morning. We were determined to make it happen.   William met us on site and wrote up our offerings on the menu board that Tony and I created during the week with an old frame and some plywood.  Thanks to Rob Silliman at Thrill of the Hunt in Ashland who helped us find an old frame.  We  had plywood cut to the size of the frame opening and while Tony pained the wood with a magnetic primer and dry erase, I painted the frame.  Next time you see it you will know that it was hand made:~}

Last minute details!

We had a few hurdles to overcome, our hot water heater and freezer were not working and we were down one crepe griddle.  The trailer is new and we did not have an opportunity for a dry run so we were learning as we went.  With our stove top we were able to demonstrate that we could heat water, so we did secure a temporary permit from the Health Department.  Once we got that done, we knew we could finally open!  Notwithstanding our hurdles, we persevered and  had a great time when the customers started coming.  I really enjoyed making fresh crepes and galettes for our patrons and Tony kept the batter and fresh fruit supply steady.  William took orders and then Chris came over to help as well.  It was great working with the boys.  Thanks to Tony, we had delicious strawberries that he and our friend Lee hand picked on Friday out in Highland County.  We wanted to have fresh strawberries for the Faire and they were special!  So sweet and fresh and best of all, they were from Virginia!  With strawberry season being over in this area he had to go farther west to get them.  Our best reward and boost for opening day was that we entered the strawberry food contest and what a surprise it was when we were awarded the 1st place certificate!

Thanks Ashland!

We loved interacting with the public and sharing our creations with all who gave us a try.  Thanks everyone for your support!  Our freezer has been fixed and we should  be ready roll next week.  We look forward to serving you again soon!  A bientot!

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